Making First Contact on Plenty of Fish

You have your Plenty of Fish dating profile setup perfectly and it's likely you are starting to attract a little bit of attention, but in order to ultimately utilize this site you'll need to make first contact. Aside from your profile, this is the second most important aspect of online dating. Unfortunately most people, especially guys, also mess this part up big time!

Why is this step so crucial? Because, your first contact is only meant to accomplish one thing only and any other message you try to convey will likely be futile. So what's the one thing you ask? Simple, all you want to accomplish with the first message is to get your prospect curious enough to look at your profile. It's a bait and hook maneuver. That's it!

The bait and hook is crucially important on the Plenty of Fish dating site. This is for multiple reasons. The big one being that, assuming you're a guy, the women you are contacting are receiving tons of messages each day. Most of the time they are getting the same old ridiculous emails over and over again. So the trick is to set yourself apart from everyone else with a short yet intriguing message.

Here's a few examples of what has been getting good responses for me:

Pick several things from your prospects "interests" list that you have in common and use the following type of message

Subject: Hmmm, that's interesting...
Body: You like [interest1] and [interest2]! How come we aren't best friends yet!?

That's it short sweet and simple. Remember you aren't trying to make the girl fall in love with you on the first email. Your only goal is to get her to read your message and get her to check out your Plenty of Fish dating profile.

Let's break down why this works.

The first thing we want to accomplish is to get her to click on your message in her already stuffed inbox. This accomplished with the subject line. By implying that there is something interesting, but not stating what it is, you are giving her a lot of intrigue. It's likely that she can't help but read your message right away.

Second, now that she is reading our message, we quickly show her that we have some things in common and then give her a "call to action" by asking her a question. By giving her a simple question to answer, it's more likely that she'll respond with something. It's also more likely that she'll check out your profile, which is key.

Now assuming you setup your profile correctly, it will already do a lot of the leg work for you.

So, in the next couple of posts will look at some examples of what not to do and some of the next steps to take for dating on Plenty of Fish.

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  1. Anonymous10:40 PM

    Markus, I cant access the site I tried from 2 different locations and the web-site just times out. I am running fine on all other web-sites. I was just fine yesterday. I cant pull any contact information either.


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