3 Ways to Increase Your Plenty of Fish Profile Visibility

One of the more efficient Plenty of Fish dating methods I talk about is sending messages to those people who are already attracted to you. Another efficient way of getting dates is simply letting people message you first. Using these two techniques, assuming you've set up your profile properly, you will save yourself a ton of time trying find potential dates. However, there is one drawback to this method, it only works if a high volume of potential dates find your profile.

Based on the need to get your profile viewed by as many potential dates as possible, there are three things you can do to significantly increase traffic to your Plenty of Fish dating profile:

1. Main Profile Picture - Your primary profile picture is very important because this is what is shown when people do a search and is also shown randomly in the picture bar on the website. So, obviously you want a very good profile picture that will draw people to click on it. Also, if you set your picture setting to allow people to rank it, then you will get additional exposure from people using the ranking feature.

2. Interests - There is a section in your profile which allows you to list all of your hobbies and interests. It's important to realize that when this section is displayed in your profile, you can click on the linked interest and it will take you to a page listing other people with the same interest. So, if you list out as many of your interests as possible, you are also increasing the chances of other people clicking through to your profile.

3. Participate in the Forums - This one is often overlooked and is also an excellent way to increase traffic to your profile. If you go into the Forums you will notice that in each thread, in the author section of a post, there is a link to view that poster's profile. So, as you may have figured out, the more you post to the forums the more traffic you'll get. This is by far one of the biggest traffic generators, as it is not uncommon for many forum threads to have over a thousand views. Even if only 10% those clicked through to your profile, you're still getting 100 extra visits simply from posting to one thread. Imagine how much traffic you'd get from posting to the forums on a regular basis!

With these three methods of generating traffic to your profile, you can massively increase your Plenty of Fish dating prospects.


  1. Yes people, it's all about being proactive. Smile, be happy, be nice, be polite. And love will find you.

  2. Anonymous4:25 PM

    the problem with interests is the results unless you fiddle with the search options are everyone in the world :-S

  3. Great..i love your blog..

  4. hmmm..I didn't even know there were frickin' forums...clearly I'm a novice at this thing! ;-)

  5. Anon,

    Actually, when you do a search by interest, there is location criteria that you can enter to bring up matches that are close to you.




    Haha, yea and the forums are quite active too, although I've heard the moderators are pretty strict...

  6. Participating in the forums isn't always a great idea because what you say ends up on your profile. Sometimes the guys don't even read what you said, but look at the topic you were posting on. Take a guess on the messages I got after posting under high heels:-)

  7. Jenn,
    I never considered this before and didn't realize until now that people's forum threads show up in their profiles. I suppose this could be a burden in some cases, though probably more for women.

    For men, on the other hand, I think ANYTHING that drives traffic and/or increases messages to their profile is a good tactic. For guys, they simply are lacking the same odds at women, so increasing traffic to their profiles will hopefully increase the odds by at least a smidgen:)

  8. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Forums are of questionable use on POF for a number of reasons. Sounds like a good idea, to increase "views/exposure", but the forums are not that great there, not read my many, used by even fewer.

    Profile visibility isn't that great on POF, mostly due to how the site is designed. That's unfortunate for a "claimed" dating site, but it functions more like myspace in this regard. For POF, it's best to dig in your heels and do the work yourself ... searching etc.

    Regional forums are not that active, global forums not of much use really.

  9. Posting a picture backfires. You get mainly emails talking about your boobs and how they want to suck on them. Why are men (in general) so bloody stupid?

  10. Anonymous,
    I'm not too sure I agree with you here, I still think you can at least double the traffic to your own profile by posting in the forums. This simply becomes a numbers game, the more traffic to your profile, the higher the odds of receiving messages from potential dates. I'll have to run an experiment in the future to see if I can isolate the effects that forum posting has on a profile.

  11. Laura,
    Haha, no doubt that some guys are pretty stupid in this regard. However, I doubt that a woman could get away with not posting any pictures at all. Guys are visual creatures and need to see something. If there are no visuals than it simply looks like you are trying to hide something.


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