5 Tips for Writing Your "About Me"

When creating your Plenty of Fish dating profile, one tricky part is the "About me" section. This is usually difficult for any online dating site and often leaves us frustrated while attempting to describe ourselves in a way that will be attractive. Here are five tips for helping you to create the best "about me" section possible.

1. Spelling and Grammar

This should seem obvious but I often see Plenty of Fish profiles who write like third graders. Intelligence is an attractive quality in anyone and the best way to display this while dating online is through your writing. Be sure to use proper sentence structure, use paragraphs, and stay away from Internet acronyms like LOL. Also, there's no reason not to spell check these days. If you're using the Firefox browser, which you should be, make sure the automatic spell checker is activated. This will basically spell check everything you write on the Internet. Finally, when finished writing, make sure to re-read it a couple of times and edit as necessary.

2. Substance

Writing something of substance is the key to this whole thing. This is where you are going to display your personality. This is where you write about who you are. When describing yourself online you want to have some substance in your description. So, if you are passionate about something in your life, something that you love to do, this is where you want to talk about it. Try to stay away from making a list of hobbies and activities, those go in your "interests" section, so there's no need to repeat it. Stick to the things that you're passionate about and give some insight to your lifestyle, but just enough to leave some mystery as well.

3. Length

Having some substance in your "about me" section is key, but you also want to make sure it's not too short and not too long. If you only write two or three sentences, you are hardly providing enough information for someone to become attracted to you. Also, you don't want to write a book either. If it's too long, people won't have t he attention span to read the whole thing. You will also be giving away your entire life, which will leave nothing for you to talk about when you meet in real life. I find that about 200 to 300 words is probably enough to give your Plenty of Fish dating prospects enough information to make them intrigued but not overly indulged that they know your life story.

4. Who You Are Looking For

Many people like add what type of person they are looking for in this section. That's fine, but it's important not to be too restrictive when doing this. You don't want to disqualify or screen out potentially good dates. This seems to be a big issue in many a woman's profiles on Plenty of Fish. They'll often make a list of traits that they don't want, which will often unfairly screen out some potentially great guys. It's also makes you look picky and unrealistic. Instead of writing about what you don't want, write about qualities that you are more likely to be attracted to.

5. Positive, Interesting and Funny

As mentioned above, you always want to appear positive and not negative. People who are always on the bright side and stay positive are always more attractive then people who are negative. Also, try setting yourself apart from the crowd and be interesting. Check out your competition and take note of what types of things that everyone else is writing and then do something completely unique. Finally, having something humorous, that will make someone laugh or spit milk through their noses, will make you all the more memorable.

Stick to these tips when writing your "about me" section on your Plenty of Fish online dating profile and you'll be off to an excellent start in attracting quality dates.

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  1. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Yeah, agree with these. The length shouldn't be anymore than the length of either 1 of your 5 points about. Should use ample white space. Remember the reader initial urge is to NOT read it anyway, so you need to make it as easy to read as possible. If you choose to go lengthy, make sure it's somewhat gripping.

    There is only one secret here that people need to know, and it certainly isn't a secret. Male or Female, people are attracted to things they find stimulating in some way. So it's important to cover a few areas of activity/interest in your profile, but not go into much depth. Let the reader imagine what the depth will be ... if they are interested what they imagine is probably more than what is reality.

    HOWEVER, some bad news. The reader will form an opinion/perception within 2 seconds of picture/headline. Whatever else is in your profile from there on will be interpreted in within that perception.

    For instance, your profile could complain about women wanting looks/money/height or not returning emails or even lay your claim to being a womanizer or whatever. If the reader had a positive perception going in, after the picture, all that gets interpreted in a positive way, otherwise it is negative interpretation.

    The safest tack is to keep your profile "text" neutral and let the reader make the decision.

    The profile, is a good time to decide what your strengths are and focus on those. Don't try to be funny, unless you really are funny. Be very careful NOT to speak/write as if you're qualifying yourself, just stating what is letting the reader determine good/bad is better ... but indicate that you think it's good for you of course ... showing modest pride/accomplishment.

    The about me box only serves to get the people who are sitting on the fence after reading your stats/picture, to move in a direction. So you need to decide, whether your interested in the fence sitters. If not, then a quick 2-4 liner will suffice.

    When you read thru women profiles you will notice their attention to detail and status and self pride. This is an attractant to women. If your profile doesn't demonstrate those qualities sufficiently, you will have a tough time attracting interest, on POF, or anywhere else for that matter. Demonstrating "social proof", other people like me or I have friends is important as well. Detail/status/self pride/social proof are things that does not mean as much to men as women hence a lot of guys omit these details even when they have them.

    As well, your profile should read as "I don't need a woman" but would like one to accompany me on my journey.

    IF you pay attention to womens profiles you'll see that are demonstrating the same things since it is clearly of importance to them. They are without a doubt shouting out what they want in almost every regard, AND they will make their decision based on those factors/qualities. It doesn't matter it men don't appreciate the same factors/qualities at the same level, but it is important to play along to gather the initial interest. It is really a case of, if all you have is a hammer everything you see will be a nail. People make decisions initially based on their own perceptions ... that's true for everything.

    AND, you'll notice most female profiles who are looking for dating with long term potential, tend to play the highlight reel of their life. Men, should do the same if looking for long term. Don't worry, both you(male) and the female understand there's a fair amount of BS there.

    Lastly, when filling in your about me section, assuming you're going to fill it in, think about when things were going well for you, in recent past, if not currently awesome, and describe that life. That's important for the dopamine kick to shine thru so you're profile is guaranteed to display happy, fun, content etc.


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