Lonely Guy Can't Get A Date on Plenty of Fish

Just found this video of another guy ranting on about his woes and lack of success using Plentyoffish. It's kind of sad and I feel bad for the guy but from watching the video it's clear why he's not getting any dates from the site, which I'll explain afterwards, but first check out his video rant.

Wow, right? There's a number of things I could easily point out with this guy about his lack of success, so lets just get right into it, shall we?

1. Physical Appearance

This should be obvious to most people but if you're a 4 on the rating scale then you shouldn't be expecting to be snagging women that are an 8 or 9. It's just not realistic in terms of one's standards in the opposite sex. Of course, this is a shallow thing to say but the guy is not good looking and a bit unkempt. And as we know, online dating is much more shallow and based on looks than traditional dating methods. It's been said many times but much of online dating, particularly on free dating sites like PlentyofFish, your pictures are ninety percent of the game. If you don't have good pictures, where you make your best efforts to look good, then you will struggle to attract any attention.

Now, I'm not saying this guy is hopeless in terms of looks, in fact I think he could easily clean himself up and improve his attraction rating by at least 2-3 points, maybe more. If he got a decent haircut, shaved off that scraggly facial hair and put on some decent clothes he'd already be making some good progress short term then could improve even more by hitting the gym as a longer term goal.

2. Desperate Nice Guy Syndrom

In this guys video he professes many times that he's a "nice guy" that never cheats and treats all women with respect, bla bla bla... The problem here isn't that he's a nice person who is being ignored by women, the problem is he uses the Nice Guy facade as a disguise for his desperateness and lack of confidence. The whole video just oozes a desperate vibe, even towards the end when he actually asks for women to please contact him. I'm not saying he should be a jerk, a la the whole nice guy vs. jerk debate, but really he just needs some balls and stop acting like a dog begging for a bone.

To fix this, I think his first step would be to delete the damn video of him bitching about his failure at using Plenty of Fish to the entire world. Seriously, there's no need to exacerbate one's lack of confidence by publicizing it all over the place. Second, though more difficult is a change in mindset and attitude. Instead of coming from a place of neediness and despair, he needs to act as though he doesn't even need online dating, act as though it's just something he's messing around with. From my experience, women can smell needy guys from half way around the world (thanks to the interwebs) and will quickly put the guy on the Creepy Loser List.

So those are the main points but I think it's pretty clear why this guy isn't getting the results he wants and it amazes me that men are unaware of this stuff. However, obviously there are plenty of guys on Plenty of fish like this, a good example is another POF Youtube rant I posted about some time ago.

Of course I'm not the only pointing out these errors, as you can see in the next video from Player Supreme, he rips these guys apart on the same things that I just pointed out, though much more harshly.


  1. There's no way this is real, that HAS to be a parody.

    I refuse to believe that someone could have THAT much of a lack of understanding over sexual dynamics, game, and women.

  2. I honestly think the video of the first guy ranting is absolutely real. I mean, if this is parody then the guy should be a pro actor, because that whole video just reeked of beta male insecurity.

  3. I agree with Matt , this guy is probably a real person having as he says a rant. Perhaps he's a bit insecure but I think the main problem is that's he's aiming to high in the rankings. Most dating websites have some sort of favorites list which is voted for by many people. So that the super models tend to appear on the first page or at the top of the main page. Maybe he just needs to dig down further into the database on plentyoffish or whatever and find someone that matches his level more. Afterall the most popular and good looking female members are getting a large volume of emails from male members everyday. They wouldn't even have time to answer all of them.

  4. The person appears as if he just finished molesting a gradeschool child, and is now retiring to his parent's basement for a night of playing sims III online. He should consider using this free time to shave, bathe and google 'how to write an online bio'.

  5. Anonymous7:31 AM

    sorry but im about to give up on that site. im doing EVERYTHING in this blog correctly and ive had just a couple dates with girls who look totally different irl than their pic. i almost walked away the second i saw them. maybe its cause i live in a smaller city (bout 110k), but there are maybe a dozen girls on there in my age range that are anything close to comparable to girls ive dated in the past. it looks like these dating sites have very few women and vast amounts of men, so even the trolls get to choose from lots of guys! its crazzy, i even intentionally messaged BELOW AVERAGE looking women and got no response. while i learned i should stick to real life, im totally recommending the site to any chick-friends i have, cause apparently it allows them to date way out of their league.

  6. Anonymous7:34 AM

    oh and as for the dude in the vid, of course no one wants him. messy hair, overweight, gut freely hanging out, doesnt shave, and likely doesnt bathe either. if someone isnt willing to put ANY effort into themselves, a girl is gonna think they wont put any effort into ANYTHING, including relationships.

  7. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Wow. And I thought I was having trouble finding women.

  8. Anonymous6:41 PM

    I got to LOL at the man who complains of the looks re: women he met on PoF. I doubt he is a looker and is in the $100K+ range. Please...I sure as hell do not reach beneath me for men.

    1. Anonymous12:18 AM

      so a person's income helps determine your level of attraction to them? Good to know I won't have to reach beneath me for a gold digging whore (that's essentially what you are because you're placing your self worth in another persons monetary worth)

  9. Before you decide to devote your time and energy into online dating, it's worth understand more about what makes people succeed, but more importantly, what makes people fail. It's not uncommon to hear a lot of stories of online relationships that don't work out. So the question is: WHY? What makes online dating unique? The better you understand, the better your chance of success will be.

  10. Anonymous5:56 AM

    I havent tried POF but after reading some of these posts I'd rather take my chances in the real world. Not willing to spend all the time necessary for very little or no response.

  11. Anonymous3:04 AM

    Interesting, I guess I will take my chances too and remain single a while longer. I am not the model type girl just average and would hate to get emails just for the outter looks.

  12. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Online dating is lame. It's the equivalent of going to a bar with 80% men. In the real world I get really attractive girls a lot younger than me giving me big smiles when I make eye contact. On POF even the 5s ignore me. They have nextbestthingitis. My suggestion is to nut up and just approach women in the real world unless you want to spend tons of time and effort messaging countless women and only get maybe 1 or 2 percent who reply. I especially say stay the hell away from POF if you aren't photogenic which I'm not. I've had women flat out tell me I look completely different in person and much better than my pictures.

  13. Anonymous5:05 PM

    "Online dating is lame. It's the equivalent of going to a bar with 80% men."

    On POF, you used to be able to see the total number of search results, but they took it off (most probably because it was revealing the hopeless imbalance of the website). Back then I applied the same criteria to two searches, one for women and one for men, and honestly it's closer to a bar with 95% men.

    It may be free, but if you're a guy I still say stay the hell away from PlentofFish.


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