How To Increase Your Plenty of Fish Dating Success

What if I told you that there was a simple easy way to get almost a 100% response rate from people you message on the PlentyofFish dating site? Well there is. In fact there are two seldom used, yet powerful features that can drastically increase your dating success.

Many people, when dating online, will spend countless hours browsing for potential dates and sending out many messages. They'll waste tons of time only to receive very little in results. Perhaps they'll send out 10 messages and only receive one in return. You spend all your time chasing prospects that aren't interested in you. This is a terribly inefficient process.

It's much easier to simply send messages to those people you already know are attracted and interested in you. So, how do you find out who's already attracted to you? The two features I'm talking about are the "favorites" and the "fans" features. By simply looking at the information in these two sections you can basically send a message with almost guaranteed interest in return.


At the bottom of every one's Plenty of Fish dating profile there is a link called "Add to favorites." The way it usually works is when someone is browsing through profiles and likes what they see, they often add that profile to their "favorites" list. If someone adds a person to their favorites list, we can only presume that the person is attracted or at least interested in that profile.

Now here's the good part, you can see which people have added you as a favorite. All you have to do is go into your favorites list and click on "find out who has selected you as a favorite" and you get a list of all the people that are interested in you.


Another great feature for finding successful dates is the fans feature. There is a picture ranking system on Plenty of Fish much like that of the original Hot or Not website which allows people to give pictures a rating from 1 to 10 (10 being the best). So, If you've selected your pictures to be ranked, which you should, then you can easily find the people who are already attracted to you.

You can do this by viewing your own profile and in the top right corner, on the 'rate my picture' line, there is a link called "fans." Simply click on this link and you will be given a list of all the people who rated you 7 or higher.

There you have it. Two simple and efficient methods for increasing your Plenty of Fish dating success.


  1. Anonymous12:47 PM

    From my POF experience, the majority of people that have added you as a favorite seldom respond back when contacted. Rather strange because they're the one's that added you, but true nonetheless... maybe it's just my experience.

  2. Hmmm, that's kind of bizarre behavior. I have contacted people that who added me as favorites and so far it's been about 50/50 for me. Some reply back and some don't, not sure why yet. But still, the ones that do respond, I almost always get dates with, despite the non responders I still think it's a good little technique. In fact, I have a date this weekend from a cute girl who had favorited me but admitted was too shy to message me first:)

  3. Anonymous2:53 PM

    The favourites list is misused by most. A lot of people just consider it a bookmark.

    Sure, it's a nudge in the right direction, maybe. More often it's just a bookmark, they may be interested, they may just be testing if you would be interested, they may have just thought your profile was funny/interesting ... nothing more.

    My experience has been, very few women actually use bookmarks/favourites ... they just email.

    It's a good way for woman to indicate they would consider READING an email from you, but those who do that generally do that to a number of profiles.

    I suggest men, in their profiles, encourage women to NOT use favourites, but just send an email.

    As in: " I prefer email, to being added as a favourite, so I know I have your attention. Just saying HI is fine "

  4. I still thing favorites or bookmarking as you say, is still useful as a signal of interest from another person.

    Think about it. We bookmark things on the web because we find them interesting. So when a person is "bookmarked" is it not safe to say that they are interested in that person?

  5. Anonymous2:29 PM

    "Think about it. We bookmark things on the web because we find them interesting. So when a person is "bookmarked" is it not safe to say that they are interested in that person?"

    I'm just saying you don't know what the interest is. Chasing it is just a decision.

    In a lot of cases even when women email, the whole thing falls apart in 1-2 emails. There is a lot of nonsense on POF. AND there is a lot of wasted time and effort. Even women on POF very rarely look a their favourite lists other than to clear it. It's is ambiguous communication.

    I'm vary of the favourites thing from women because they are generally just looking to date a lot of different men ... innocently ... like a sample pack sort of thing. Email is a much better, clearer indication of interest.

    Finding a date, isn't that hard on POF. Wasting your time dating people that lead nowhere however is very common.

    To use your analogy. If I'm searching for a topic on the web I may bookmark several pages until I find the best one. At that point, I have no interest in the others.

    Of course, just saying hello to someone off the favourites list won't kill you but the response rate for a lot of guys is as the first posted said ... mostly ignored.

    It's sorta like a kid with $20 buck in his pocket ... first he looks at all the things he can buy before finally making a selection. Sometimes he's just keeps the $20 because a better deal may come along.

    Your best option for dating success on POF, is if you see a profile that's at least 50% of what you want say hello. See what happens. It's pretty random. If you get interest back, close quickly, to meet in real life ... other wise move onto the next. This is because of the hugh ratio difference. What you say in the email makes little difference, just keep it light conversation starter stuff.

  6. "I'm just saying you don't know what the interest is. Chasing it is just a decision."

    Well, considering that it is a dating site, the interest is likely to be some sort of attraction, right? I understand what you are saying, it certainly isn't going to be a sure thing, but what I was trying to get at in the post, was that because a 'favorite' is likely to be an indicator of interest, your odds are better at contacting that person than a random stranger. I'm just using simple logic here and I think it makes sense.

  7. Anonymous7:18 PM

    What a crock, been on POF and I must have a hunch on my back cuz I do not have any fans or favorites. Most women refuse to email back and other just give me excuses like I live to far or that I am asking too many questions. So what the heck are you to do when you email someone? Stand around with your hands in your pants? Gees. Think I will just take a course from Mystery on the Mystery Method and pick up women the old fashion way.

  8. Anonymous4:57 AM

    "Think I will just take a course from Mystery on the Mystery Method and pick up women the old fashion way."


    The entire world is getting old if The MysteryMethod is 'the old fashioned' way!

    Big Daddy
    POF Superstar


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