How To Set up a Plenty of Fish Dating Profile

The first and probably most important task for successful Plenty of Fish dating experiences is to set up a great profile. Unfortunately, most guys are too anxious to begin browsing for women that they don't put much thought into their profiles. This is a BIG mistake. Setting up an online dating profile in a way that is unique and attractive will make Plenty of Fish Dating much more efficient and effective.

In my personal profile, I decided to go with a technique that was pioneered by Race de Priest, who is an expert in the field of MySpace and Facebook seduction. One of Race's biggest techniques for getting women on MySpace is displaying one's fun adventurous personality through pictures and playful pieces of text. So, I figured if these techniques work so well on MySpace and Facebook (they do, I've tried them:) then why not adapt them for Plenty of Fish?!

Well, this is exactly what I did and within just a few hours of finishing my profile I had already gotten a few messages from several girls, all from simply creating a seductive profile! Here's how to do it:

  • First thing is picking a good headline. This is one of the first things that a woman will see when looking at your profile and it needs to have several different qualities all wrapped up into a single little phrase. It should be unique, related to your personality, mysterious, and fun.
  • Don't put things that include, "searching for", "looking for", "seeking", "nice guy", etc in your title or description. These types of things will make you look needy. The key is to look like you don't need online dating at all, you're simply there to try it out as another option and have fun.
  • Next are all the descriptive fields like height, hair color, body type, etc. This section should be pretty self explanatory but surprisingly a lot of people mess it up. You should make sure you tell the truth, especially when it comes to 'height' and 'body type.' There's no sense lying about this because when you do get a date then you'll only look like a liar and will have just wasted your time.
  • Also, never use the "prefer not to say" options because this will make you look like you're hiding something. The best profiles are those that are open about themselves and don't care what other people think.
  • The 'Profession' field is a little tricky. Unless you have a really cool job, I prefer to have fun with this part and make up something totally outrageous. For example, Vice President of Rock or Zombie Slayer. I think it's ok to make something up here so long as it is blatantly obvious that it's not true. And if someone really wants to know you're profession then they can simply ask.
  • You also want to have some fun with the 'Interests' section. Try not to just list out a lot typical average activities that most guys do. List things that are unique, adventurous and funny. Also, if you have any cool hobbies or unique talents, this is the place to put them.
  • Next is the description and first date sections. Again, stay away from the typical boring stuff. Don't write an entire novel either, just keep it short and simple but still describing how much of a fun guy you are.
  • Finally, the best and most important for last, pictures! I can't stress this enough people. The more quality pictures you upload the more responses you will get. It's as simple as that. Plenty of Fish allows you to upload a maximum of 8 pictures. I recommend using the maximum amount. Go through your pics and get eight of your best. Try to diversify them too, one good head shot for the main pic, a good body shot, and then the rest showing you engaged in fun adventurous activities. Please guys, do not overlook this part, it is probably the most critical part of the whole system.
  • And one last note on the pictures, don't use ones with your shirt off, it makes you look like a try hard and a showoff, regardless of how big your muscles are.

So, those are some of the basics of this particular Plenty of Fish dating technique that I'm using. Again, I'm still experimenting with this as it is an adaptation on Race de Priest's MySpace seduction system, but so far it seems to be working quite well. I'll keep you guys posted on further developments and any new tips I come across while seducing the women of Plenty of Fish.


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  2. Anonymous11:40 PM

    interesting site. doesn't uploading 8 photos of yourself look a bit self-centered and try-hard? i see the value in one clean head shot and a character photo - backpacking, surfing, boxing, whatever you like - where's the advantage in 8 photos?

  3. Anonymous,

    I think if you upload 8 photos that are all professional looking head shots, then yea, it might seem self-centered. However, the idea is to capture your interesting within 8 pictures. One good head shot followed by 7 pictures that tell a story about your life.

    You have to remember that humans are very visual creatures and it is much easier to display information via a picture than in words. The more pictures the better, in my opinion.

  4. Anonymous4:33 PM

    is there a way to make a plenty of fish profile private?


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