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There has been a lot of talk about lately that basically denounces the service as a terrible online dating site for meeting other people. Despite being free and one of the largest online dating sites in the world, the Plenty of Fish dating site gets a pretty bad rap. There a few reasons for this:
  • Because it's free, there tends to be a lot of users who aren't active on the site
  • Men complain about not getting responses from any of the women they try to contact
  • Women complain of the scarcity of quality men on the site

Now I agree that may not be as useful as a paid service like or eHarmony but given the sheer size of PoF, it makes me wonder if this tremendous resource could be used effectively. Well, that's what this site is going to be about.

My observations has shown that the quality of Men and their online dating strategies are extremely poor, as in Beta male poor. Thus, if a guy can come up with a killer method for dating on Plenty of Fish, then that guy would truly clean house.

In addition, if this were to become a resource to help increase the quality of even more men who use the site, then the site's overall quality will also increase. If women know that they can snag a decent man on PoF then that will help spread positive reviews about the site and drive more quality women and men to it.

So, over the course of this blog, I will be testing out different online dating profile techniques, giving my analysis, making observations, running experiments, giving proven tips, and hopefully writing about all the dates I will go on:)

This is a journey and hope you all enjoy it.


  1. Anonymous11:00 PM

    I am tired of hearing about POF being such low quality. I spend time on, then from somebody on there, I learned of POF. Imagine my surprise that most of the men in my age group were also on POF. So much for the comparison, same old same old.

  2. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Your post is a bunch of BS, Matthem. Obviously you are a POF advocate, trying to boost the numbers and popularity of a dead site, IMO. You talk about the quality of the men. What about the quality of women?

    Fact: If POF claimed to have a large population i.e 1 MILLION relationships each year and 20,000 NEW PEOPLE each day/600000 a month. That would be 2 million people are coupled (it takes two to form a relationship) and 7.3 MILLION NEW people a year. With those numbers it shouldn't be that difficult to find someone. Yet here is the problem.

    POF like other sites have dead profiles. This muddies up the site search.
    As a male, I will tell you that the seriousness of woman on POF is weak. They don't want to meet anyone. All they want it have their emails full in order to have their ego's stroked. I have suggested to POF to cap the number of emails recieved and that they should respond within 24 hours in order to receive more emials. But POF doesn't give a damn. Only ads and folks who believe that paying for something that is free is a way of getting noticed with that stupid gold button.
    With is site allegedly generating 600,000 NEW members a month, it is going to take divine intervention to get noticed.

    BTW, how many of that 600,000 a month are men vs women. Perhaps your research should start there? Mine suggest it is a 25 to 1 ratio.


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